The Test Programme

The Test Programme offered by the ESA laboratory is directly aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the ANZECC Water Quality Guidelines, Sediment Quality Guidelines and the ANZECC Interim Ocean Disposal Guidelines. The Laboratory offers a broad range of toxicity tests specifically suited to freshwater and marine, tropical and temperate, and aquatic and terrestrial environments. The laboratory utilises a comprehensive QA/QC system based on Standard Operating Procedures and internationally recognised test procedures.

The Test Programme offered by Ecotox Services International is designed to provide toxicity tests under the OECD 200-series test methods, specifically for the testing of chemicals and products for regulatory purposes. The tests are based around freshwater and terrestrial organisms of Northern Hemisphere origin. However these methods have also been adapted for use with several Australasian species. Test perfomed under GLP utilise independent QA auditing personnel who have no involvement with testing or related laboratory operations.