Amandine Vincent

Amandine Vincent is QA Manager with Ecotox Services Australasia (ESA). Amandine’s responsibilities include conducting ecotoxicity tests and fulfilling the role of independent Quality Assurance personnel for GLP studies. She is also involved in developing new methods and has recently been involved in research into using freshwater mussels for toxicity testing.

Amandine’s experience covers a wide range of ecotoxicity tests with freshwater, estuarine and marine species. Amandine has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science, Master in Water and Environmental Engineering and a Master of Research (MPhil) where she looked at the use of floating reed beds for algae control in wastewater lagoon and drinking water reservoir.

Amandine's career includes several years conducting research work in collaboration with Thames Water (London, UK), Wide Bay Water corporation (Qld) and Landesmant fur Wasserwirtschaft (Germany). Amandine speaks English, French and German.

More recently, Amandine has assisted Ecotox Services International (ESI) to become the first ecotoxicity laboratory in the southern hemisphere to gain the globally recognized standard as a GLP facility.